12 10 / 2011

  1. PhotoCalc – This app has some super useful tools.  There is a glossary of photography terms which will help beginning photographers and definitions of rules like the Sunny 16 rule. The best part is a depth of field calculator so that you know exactly how much margin you have for focusing when you enter a specific focal length, camera type, aperture, and subject distance. Oh, and if you LOVE to shoot just after sunrise or just before sunset, the app will find your location and tell you the time of sunrise and sunset.
  2. SmugWallet – This is my new favorite app.  You do need to have smugmug galleries set up to use this. Now instead of having to upload photos to the built in photo library, I can sync whichever smugmug galleries I desire.  I hope in the future they have a way for me to set the photo as my screen saver/background.  For now you can browse photos and email a link to a gallery or specific photo to others.
  3. Camera Bag – This app will help you have fun with your built in iPhone camera. You can take or edit photos with fun tools like fisheye, helga, lomo, cinema, and much more.  Just fun!
  4. Photogene – If you miss photoshop and which they made it for your iPhone, try this app.  No it will not replace Photoshop, but it is fun to play with and for quickly editing photos taken with the iPhone camera.
  5. Tweetie – If you are one of the many photographers who love twitter, there are many apps available to help you tweet on the go.  I have two, “twitterific” and “tweetie” – but find “Tweetie” much easier to use.
  6. Facebook – If you are one of the many photographers on Facebook – this will make it much easier to check and reply to facebook on the go.
  7. Cover Styler – So… This one is fun for photographers who have kids.  My twins asked me to include this one and the next one.  This app allows you to take photos in your library or camera roll and put them inside a variety of Disney Magazine covers ranging from Hannah Montana to Suite Life on Deck and Wizards of Waverly Place.  This app may just give you leverage to “bribe” your kids into letting you take their pictures – if you agree to make them a movie star on your iPhone.
  8. Face Melter – This app is fun for kids – they can use photos in the camera library or roll to melt and distort.  Think of it as photoshop’s liquefy tool on steroids (though not quite as pleasing results).  I have to say that even as an adult, it can be fun to play…

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